What to Do with Vacant Land

When people first enter the world of real estate investment, they often look toward plots of land with existing structures. That makes sense. Land with a house can generate rent. Land with a parking lot can start accruing fees. To the casual observer, a parcel of land without a structure on it may not seem like the best money-making opportunity. In fact, if you know what to do with undeveloped land in Alpine, TX, there are plenty of strategies you could employ.

Sell it

It might seem like the most obvious approach to your property: purchase the land and sell it at a premium. However, if you’re willing to wait, even the most affordable acreage will eventually appreciate in value. All you need is time.

Of course, if time is a factor, you can still implement several strategies that could generate income.

Boat and RV storage

If there’s one thing the locals in Alpine enjoy, it’s taking a trip in one of their recreational vehicles. Whether jetting to the gulf for a boating weekend or exploring the broader United States in their RV, the people in our corner of Texas like to travel in style. So, when you’re wondering what to do with undeveloped land in Alpine, TX, offering affordable storage for those people in need could turn a handsome monthly profit.

Camping spot

Few places in the world are as gorgeous as a sprawling piece of west Texas land at night, a star-filled sky spread above you. Countless people come to the area to enjoy the natural splendor around us. You could carve out a niche as the owner of a campground. With minimal upkeep, you could earn $20 a night from campers without breaking a sweat.

Energy exploration

The energy industry is alive and well in Texas, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t explore the moneymaking opportunities. You don’t have to rely on oil and gas discoveries, either—the solar industry is making a push into Texas in a big way. Energy providers always need new land to set up their panels—that’s where you come in with a nice monthly or yearly rental fee.

Animal storage

If you have some capital to build rudimentary stables, you might discover a group of people in search of someplace to safely and affordably store their horses. That’s just one example. Allowing business owners to use your land for grazing or breeding is also another option.

Get help with your vacant property purchase

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