Tips from a Realtor in Alpine, TX for a Smoother Home Sale

Your home is almost certainly the largest and most valuable asset you have. It’s also a setting for some of the most important memories of your life. Selling a house, therefore, is not only logistically and economically challenging, but also emotionally challenging.

It’s not surprising, then, that the process of selling a home is often fraught with emotion and stress. Fortunately, there are ways you can make the process go significantly smoother so you can cut down on the amount of worry the process creates.

Here are some tips from a realtor in Alpine, TX for how you can make it go more efficiently.

Start early

Start the process much earlier than you would normally expect to, so you don’t have to feel rushed. This also gives you some more time to work through your emotions, cut out any bias you have and get a more objective look at your home and what it should sell for. Take the extra time to do some research, talk to other people you know who have recently sold homes and figure out what goals you have to help your realtor figure out the best path forward for you.

Get a good overview of the costs you face

You’re not going to pocket all the money you make in a sale. You need to consider realtor fees, for example, as well as whether you’ll be contributing to any of the closing costs. You’ll generally pay 6 percent of the home’s sale price when working with a realtor—3 percent to the buyer’s agent and 3 percent to your own listing agent.

Choose the right realtor

Your realtor is a crucial partner for you in the home sale process. You want to find someone who will be good with communication and help remove some of the stress you face. It’s critical to find the right person so you save the most money possible and don’t feel like you’re going to lose your mind while trying to sell your house. They should also be an aggressive marketer of your home, and provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about the sale.

Address small issues with the property

Almost every homeowner has little side projects they’ve been putting off, simply because they’re so small that they almost aren’t worth taking the time to do. Now’s the time to get some of those projects done! Get rid of mildew, clean the carpets, put a dehumidifier in the basement, fix any doors that aren’t opening or closing properly, give your rooms a fresh coat of paint—whatever it is you need to get done to help you make a better impression on potential buyers, just do it. You should also be sure to dress the home to impress—better staging helps people better envision what they can accomplish in the space.

For more information about how you can make a home sale go smoother, reach out to Carpenter Real Estate today to speak with a realtor in Alpine, TX.