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Price: $9,446,083
Acreage: 14,422 Acres

“Chispa Mountain Ranch” is located and easily accessed only 14 miles south of Interstate I-10 and Van Horn, Texas and one mile off Highway 90 South leading to Marfa, Texas. Chispa Mountain Ranch is one of the very few ranches encompassing almost 75%-80% of a scenic volcanic intrusive mountain range. The range offers a diversity of terrain and habitat ideal for both livestock and wildlife. The ranch is considered a good combination livestock ranch for crossbred mother cows and yearlings. Hunting is excellent for trophy Mule Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Blue Quail and Dove. Rocky Mountain Elk have been introduced to the mountain ranges to the north and east and elk have been cited numerous times on Chispa with num- bers expected to grow. The rewards of ranch ownership are no longer measured by livestock operations but more recreational purposes. The Chispa Mountain Ranch offers something for everyone that gives pride in ownership. This is absolutely beautiful, gentle and rugged mountain country with panoramic views. You must see to appreciate!

Location and Access

Chispa Mountain Ranch provides easy access for those traveling Interstate I-10 and by traveling south from Van Horn, Texas on US Highway 90 only 14 miles to Chispa Road. The ranch begins approximately 1 mile from Highway 90. The ranch has 20+/- ranch and hunting roads. Van Horn, Texas has a county airport with limited services.


At the headquarters, you will find a comfortable older ranch owner’s home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, dining and living area, and a large unfinished addition. The headquarters also has a nice set of shipping corrals along with several auxiliary ranch barns and sheds.

There is also a foreman’s home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
The ranch has a hunter’s camp house made of steel frame construction with one large open room for bunk beds, kitchen, dining area and one 3/4 bath. It is located just after entering the ranch and approximately 3 miles from headquarters.

Terrain and Vegetation

Elevations vary from a low of 4,050 feet to a high of 5,200 feet at the peak of Chispa Mountain. Several other surrounding peaks on the ranch range from 4,700 feet to 4,900 feet in elevation.

Approximately 70% of the ranch is rolling to rough volcanic mountain country with high moun- tains, broad canyon grass covered valleys, deep and shallow canyons with colorful volcanic out- croppings. The balance of the terrain at the 4,100 feet to 4,300 feet is mix of calcareous and shal- low gravelly soils and broad flats with deep soil.

The deeper soil flats have a heavy turf of tobossa grass with scattered areas with blue and hairy grama as well as some bluestem. The gravelly more shallow soils and draws have creosote bush, tobossa grass, and sparser covering of the grama grasses, fluff and burro grasses. The slopes of the rolling and high mountains have a heavy growth of love grass, black, hairy, blue and sideoats grama and tridens. The lowlands and mountains abound with the Chihuahuan Desert flowering plants with octotillo, sotol, dagger and yucca.

Wells and Water Systems

Chispa is considered fairly well watered by a total of 6 good water wells from 325 feet to 400 feet in depth. These wells are equipped with four solar pumps, one submersible pump near headquarters and one operating windmill. Water is stored in con- crete and steel reservoirs with water distributed via pipelines and concrete and steel water troughs. There are also several seasonal dirt tanks scattered over the ranch and overflow ponds by the wells for both livestock and wildlife.

The Chispa Mountain Ranch is located on the eastern edge of the Lobo Valley and Wildhorse Draw which has an abundance of irrigation water. The property is bordered by one of the largest pecan groves in far West Texas and other bordering farms currently growing chili peppers and cotton. One sizeable area of land within the northern portion of the Chispa Mountain Ranch could possibly have irrigation water and be farmed.

Pastures, Traps and Corrals

Chispa Mountain Ranch has seven pastures and two traps fenced mostly with cedar post and five strand barbed wire. There is a large set of pipe corrals with loading chute at the headquarters. There is also a large set of shipping corrals with loading chute and “scales” as you enter the ranch, and two other sets of pipe holding or transfer pens (one on the north end of the ranch and the other on the south end).


The mountain ranges in Culberson County historically produce some of the heaviest and largest trophy size mule deer in the State. The wide variety of vegetation and diverse terrain make this ranch ideal for Desert Mule Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Javelina, Coyotes, Mourning Dove and Blue Quail. The Chispa Mountain Ranch routinely produces trophy size bucks that any hunter would be proud of. The ranch also provides excellent hunting for trophy Aoudad Sheep. The ranch takes from six to ten paid hunters early in the season and reserves that latter part of the season for their own large family. This ranch is also a paradise for avid Blue Quail hunters.


All fee minerals were reserved by a previous land owner years ago. Approximately 7,500 acres of the ranch is State Mineral Classified Land where the land owner acts on behalf of the State of Texas when leasing the land and the surface owner receives 1/2 of the bonus and rentals payments as well as participated in the royalty if oil or gas is found. Minerals under State Mineral Classified Land may not be reserved.

List Price

$655 Per Acre * Total $9,446,082.50


In 2016 the taxes totaled close to $6,505.50 a year


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