Open Houses During COVID-19

Many professionals have opted to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have been forced to work from home by order of their employer. For many, this is a viable option that changes little about their workload or paycheck.

The same is not true for real estate agents. Activities such as hosting an open house during COVID-19 in Alpine, TX have become more complex, making their jobs more difficult. Here’s how the pandemic is shaping the world of real estate and how realtors are handling the challenge.

Online options

Fortunately, the technology available today makes it possible for potential buyers to tour homes online. This eliminates the need for many home showings and open houses that were once necessary to gain exposure for the home.

Still, if a buyer finds a home online that catches their interest, they typically want to see it in person before making an offer. You simply can’t get the same impression from a camera that you can from an in-home visit. To handle these showings, realtors are taking typical precautions recommended by health professionals as well as taking some creative approaches to in-person showings that reduce the risk of exposure.

In-person showings

Self-showings have become popular during the current health crisis. This works especially well when the home is vacant. The real estate agent can give an access code to the potential buyer, who uses the code on a lock box to gain entry to the home. This eliminates any exposure between the client and the realtor while allowing the buyer to view the home in person.

When an agent must accompany a buyer, all parties can wear masks and maintain the recommended distance as they walk through the home.

Hosting open houses during COVID-19 in Alpine, TX

The need for social distancing during open houses in Alpine, TX makes the event a little more challenging, but it is still doable. However, many are opting to simply skip open houses and rely solely on individual showings of the home to sell their property. Real estate agents admit that open houses are more for them to meet new clients than to sell the home, so the homeowner is not really missing out on much by skipping this option.

If hosting an open house during COVID-19 in Alpine, TX is something the seller wants to do, masks, social distancing and disinfecting before and after the open house are essential. And if sellers decide an open house is not for them, real estate agents can effectively use online marketing to safely acquire new client leads and grow their business.

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