Nine Helpful Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Although it’s a sellers’ market, simply hiring a real estate agent might not be enough to sell your vacant home right now. To ensure you sell your home as quickly as possible for as much as possible, you’ll want to stage it.

Keep reading to learn a few of our top home staging tips:

  • Keep it neutral: You want to create wide appeal for a variety of buyers. One great way to do this is to paint the walls a neutral color, like beige or gray. You’ll also want to choose simple and functional furniture over antiques or anything too exotic.
  • Consider soft staging: The real estate term, soft staging, means using simple decor to stage a room—typically bathrooms or kitchens. These pieces include vases, rugs, simple artwork or other affordable items that provide color or texture without breaking the bank.
  • Don’t forget the exterior: We find that many sellers focus too much on the interior when staging a vacant home and neglect to spruce up the outside. Among other things, ensure the grass is cut, and plant flowers to catch the eye of any potential buyers driving past your home.
  • Spark an emotional tie: You’re more likely to sell your house if buyers can picture themselves in the home. For example, you can create an emotional tie by staging the dining room to allow the buyer to imagine themself sitting down to dinner with their family.
  • Add an office space: With so many people working or learning from home these days, home offices or workspaces are all the rage. One of our home staging tips is to stage a spare room like an office or set up a workstation somewhere in the house.
  • Show off your storage: Buyers may choose one house over another simply based on the amount of storage space the house has. Declutter all of your closets, and implement shoe racks and under-shelf baskets to showcase your closets’ versatility and spaciousness.
  • Make bathrooms shine: Imagine walking into a vacant home and finding dingy bathrooms—that’d be a major turnoff! Keep potential buyers interested by taking time to scrub down your bathrooms or hire a cleaning crew to tackle it for you.
  • Erase signs of pets: The folks touring your home may have pets—but that doesn’t mean they want to see or smell any evidence of your furry friends. Make sure there are no lingering pet odors or stains before you put your home on the market.
  • Stay within budget: Proper staging isn’t free. Things like buying new furniture and repainting the walls can get expensive. But don’t go overboard with spending—mind your budget, and try to find items that still look good but aren’t too pricy.

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