How to Get Acreage Appraised

To the average person standing on a plot of land in Alpine, TX, all the land may be the same. Of course, that’s not true in the slightest. Depending on where you’re standing, a parcel of land could hold incredible opportunity or dire predictions. It all depends on how the property is appraised. If you’re curious about how land is appraised in Alpine, TX, here is a primer.

The view

One of the first parts of a property that gets discussed is its “amenity features.” That is, are there parts of the property that make it especially attractive? A nearby body of water or a scenic view of the mountains can go a long way toward bumping up the price of your property.

Shape and topography

The natural and legal boundaries on your property play a big part in their value. For example, a strip of land that is too narrow may not be ideal for building in any scenario. A patch of land that changes elevation too rapidly or continuously may also be bad for building. It’s critical to understand how the property could potentially be used when determining value.


Hands down, the most important component of how land appraisal works in Alpine, TX is its access. Ideally, you should have paved, public access to your property. If the access to your property is landlocked, if it travels through private property or if it is one-sided, all of these things could drive down the value of your property.


It probably comes as little surprise that the location of your property is extremely important. That said, depending on how the property will be used, a “good” location could mean one of several things. If you want to cultivate agricultural property, making sure it’s far from civilization is a good thing. However, when opening a restaurant, you’ll want to make sure it’s near population centers.

Legal status

If the property in question is under an easement or an encumbrance, you could see its value diminish significantly. For example, if your property is under a conservation easement, development is all but impossible. County zoning rules and land use requirements will also play a factor in the appraisal of your property.


If your property has issues with flooding, or if the slope of the land doesn’t promote proper drainage, you could see your property lose value quickly. After all, potential buyers look at a poorly-draining property as money they’ll need to invest in improvements.

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