8 Things to Inspect When Buying a Home

Home Inspections in Alpine, TX and What to Look for When Buying a New Home

If you’re new to the home buying process, you might not be familiar with home inspections. This is an important part of the transaction. The home inspection should reveal any concerns that could prove costly down the line. It allows the buyers the opportunity to take a closer look at the property they are about to purchase, and negotiate with the seller to make repairs or provide credits to cover the costs of any work that will be needed on the home.

Of course, you must first know what to look for during the home inspection. Use the following guide to ensure your inspection is thorough. Realtors can also assist you with setting up the inspection and following up on any concerns it reveals:

  • Top: Your inspection should include an overview of the roof. What is the overall condition of the roof? How old is the roof?
  • Bottom: The inspection should include the foundation of the home. Look for cracks, shifts and any potential issues with trees. Be sure to check both inside and outside.
  • Sides: What is the general condition of the walls of the home? Check the drywall for large cracks and any signs of leaks. Do the same for the floors.
  • Below: If the home has a basement or crawl space, it is essential that the inspection include a thorough review of these areas. Look for dampness, proper insulation and cracks in walls. cracked wall
  • Above: You may never use the attic, but it’s important to check it out anyway. Look at the roof structure from here. Check for leaks or pest infestations.
  • Inside: All interior systems should be checked during home inspections. Look at plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances (if they are being sold with the home) and windows. Check all systems for proper operation. Confirm when the HVAC system was last serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Outside: Check gutters and downspouts for proper attachment and flow. Look for any areas on the exterior that need repair. Be sure to review the condition of the lot as well. Does the landscaping provide proper drainage? Are there any safety concerns? Look at the condition of any outdoor structures, such as fences, sheds, pools and decks.
  • Within: In addition to inspecting the major structural components and systems of the home, examine the various features and fixtures. Look at the condition of cabinets, counters, vanities, light fixtures, fireplaces and any other amenities that are featured in the home. While the inspection does not encompass style and aesthetic choices, you should note whether there are any safety or repair concerns with any of these items.

Partner with a Pro

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. It’s important to have a professional in your corner to help walk you through this process. When it’s time for home inspections in Alpine, your expert real estate agents at Carpenter Real Estate provide the insight you need. Since 1947, Carpenter Real Estate has sold over 1 million acres in Alpine and the surrounding areas. We are your go-to real estate agency in Alpine. Reach out to us today!