Home for Sale? Prepare for Your Upcoming Move Now!

It’s so easy to get caught up in listing your home that you overlook preparing for the inevitable: the big moving day. Moving is stressful for most people, but knowing how to prepare for moving when selling your home will reduce much of that tension. However, do not put this off until the last minute—there are some things you can do now. Here are five tips for packing up your Alpine, TX home post-sale:

  • Declutter now: Old furniture in your garage, items you never use and clothes that no longer fit don’t need to follow you into the new house. Start getting rid of items now so you have less to pack later. This can be especially overwhelming when you’ve lived in one place for years, so go room by room or declutter based on types of items, like clothes, books, kitchen items, etc. Basically, if you do not need or want it for your new home, sell it or give it away.
  • Pack less immediate items first: After you declutter, start packing what you do not need every day. Start with items like books or wall art, and move boxes into the garage or a storage unit as you fill them. The kids’ playroom, the basement and closets are the best places to start. As you go through this process, you may find more items you no longer need and can combine this step with decluttering.
  • Store and organize: If you organize your everyday items, that will make it easier to pack them. Home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas that are often full of stuff. Use decorative baskets, bins and containers to organize but also keep it attractive. This can also help with staging as potential buyers start visiting your home.
  • Scrub appliances: If any of your appliances are making the move with you, clean them out now so it does not become an issue on a high-stress moving day. Ovens and stoves should be clean, as well as refrigerators, washers and dryers. Also, you likely do not want to move dirty appliances into a new house, so this helps with your moving-in steps as well.
  • Check HOA regulations: When you are moving out of a condominium or a neighborhood with strict HOA regulations, check to see what you can and cannot do when the moving truck arrives. For condos, there are likely load limits on elevators and certain doors your moving crew must use. Neighborhoods may have limitations on where trucks can park and for how long. While moving can be disruptive to you and your neighbors, it is only considerate to reduce that as much as possible. Know the rules, and if you must deviate from them, communicate that clearly and apologize when necessary.

Carpenter Real Estate can help ensure you need these tips for packing up your home post-sale sooner rather than later. We can focus on selling your home while you focus on how to prepare for moving when selling your home in Alpine, TX and moving on to the next step. Contact us today to list your home with us.