Expert Advice Part 5: Rural Living Continued

Owners of rural homes in Alpine, TX face unique challenges. A few pressing issues top the concerns that these homeowners must manage on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Fortunately, there are solutions.

If you’re living in a rural home in Alpine, TX, consider the following concerns and how to overcome the challenges they present.


With shrinking funding, some Texas school districts are facing potential closure. For some of the smallest districts, a lack of funding sources may mean they will close schools or cease crucial services at the institutions.

Another issue is student homelessness. Homeless youth need education, but services to assist these young people aren’t always available through schools that are struggling just to keep their doors open. Students needing assistance should look to food pantries, youth shelters and health clinics to provide the resources they need.

Medical Care

Large, high-quality hospitals are located in urban areas. But what about those living in rural homes in Alpine, TX? Finding quality medical care is often a concern. Not only are hospitals few and far between, but the ones that are in place are closing their doors. A slew of hospitals in Texas have had to close up shop due to lack of funding or lack of insured patients.

Specialized care is even harder to come by for those in many rural parts of Texas. Those seeking mental health treatment or prenatal care are often out of luck. New funding sources and regulations that encourage the development of better medical facilities in rural areas are needed.

Natural Disasters

Hurricanes and wildfires threaten various regions of the Lone Star State. While these destructive forces attack both urban and rural areas, it is the small towns that find it harder to recover. Businesses often shutter their storefronts. Farmers lose their livestock and fields.

The best bet to protect those living in rural homes in Alpine, TX from disaster is a proactive approach. Build with potential disasters in mind. Put appropriate insurance policies in place. Diversify investments. These steps will help with recovery if disaster strikes.

Environmental Hazards

Fracking, crop dusting and other agricultural efforts are taking their toll on residents of rural homes in Alpine, TX. They face contaminated drinking water due to chemical exposure. Crop dusters aren’t always as careful as they should be, spreading additional chemicals on people and animals. Fracking, meanwhile, releases toxic emissions.

Texas residents must take action to reduce or eliminate these environmental hazards. Report incidents of reckless procedures. Refuse to sign waivers that allow companies to pollute the area. Ask government officials to put policies in place that will protect the land, air and water of rural homes in Alpine, TX.

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