Expert Advice Part 3: Homes in a Subdivision

We’ve talked a lot about buying land and homes in our Expert Advice blogs, and now it’s time to discuss buying land for sale in Alpine, TX and building a home in a subdivision.

Plots in subdivisions are under different restrictions than land outside of a subdivision and may be subject to specific rules depending on the location. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about building your home in a subdivision.

Covenant restrictions

First, make sure you know the covenant restrictions that apply to the land for sale in Alpine, TX that you’re looking to buy. Every subdivision has different restrictions that you’ll want to be familiar with before deciding to purchase.

For instance, many subdivisions require you to submit the architect’s plan to a committee before building. There may also be restrictions around the types of road maintenance required, livestock restrictions and restrictions on hunting. You can expect that there will be no tolerance for hunting on subdivision property, with the exception of self-defense.

Land surveys and other considerations

Next, you should always have a survey done on the land you are interested in before you buy. You’ll want to know with certainty where the corners and limits are on your property. You can choose to fence it or not, but either way, you should know the limits of where you can build and what land will be considered yours once you buy the plot.

When choosing your lot, you’ll want to make sure you investigate the neighborhood at different times of the day and think about the commute times to all the places you frequent. You’ll want to listen for the types of noise in the subdivision you’ve chosen and decide whether or not the traffic levels are tolerable.

It’s important to get a good feel of the subdivision so you know what you’re getting into before choosing that land for sale in Alpine, TX.

Hiring an agent

Once you buy your plot of land, you’ll want to think about constructing your home. It’s a good idea to have an agent before even approaching the builders who will construct your new home. Otherwise, they may refuse to work with an agent or pay them later.

An agent can help you navigate the tricky waters of the negotiation. Often, the builder’s sales agents can use high-pressure tactics to persuade you into the contract, and you won’t be as familiar with the terminology or expectations as your agent is. Your agent is an expert at negotiating and will help you get the best sales price.

If you’re ready to start looking for the right land for sale in Alpine, TX, contact Carpenter Real Estate. Since 1947, we’ve sold over one million acres in Alpine and the surrounding areas. Our vast knowledge and experience make Carpenter Real Estate the first place to go for any and all real estate needs. We’re familiar with subdivision regulations and can make sure you’re getting the best deal on your land and your home.