Expert Advice Part 18: Selling Your Home

Property sales can feel overwhelming. There are many moving parts and complex legal documents involved. In addition to the logistics, there are also emotions to consider. Both the buyer and the seller are facing big changes. With so much going on, it’s crucial to follow the right steps to make your home sale as smooth as possible. Use the following tips for selling your home in Alpine, TX to lessen your stress and help make your move quick and profitable.

Work with an expert

Partnering with the right real estate agent when selling your home can make all the difference in the world. Choose someone who is familiar with the area because they have experience with home sales in the region. Look for an agent with extensive experience and an established reputation in the industry.

This real estate agent can help you prepare your home for sale, suggest the right price and market your home to potential buyers. This partnership will help you obtain a better sale price for your home and help you sell it faster.

Prep for showings

Most homes aren’t ready for buyer viewings right away. To capture buyers’ attention and fetch attractive offers, homeowners must prepare the home for showings.

Start by decluttering. Keep in mind that you want the home to look as spacious and inviting as possible. Place extra items in storage, or go ahead and donate things you won’t want to take with you when you move. Make closets and basements as neat and roomy as possible.

The next step is to stage your home. Remove personal items that might distract buyers. You want them to be able to visualize themselves living in your space. Consult with your real estate agent about what items should be removed, as well as any other furniture rearranging that might help make your home more appealing.

Lastly, consider any home improvement projects that need to be completed before you put your home on the market. Again, ask your real estate agent for specific recommendations. Projects might include updates to fixtures, repainting rooms or sprucing up your landscaping to improve curb appeal.

Market with quality photographs

Getting the right photos is one of the most important tips for selling your home in Alpine, TX. In today’s market, the images of your home will make the first impression to buyers as they search online for properties. Put your best foot forward by using a professional photographer to capture attractive pictures of your rooms and the home’s exterior. Your real estate agent can provide this service or recommend a photographer. The agent can then use these images to effectively market your home online.

Get more tips

To get more tips for selling your home in Alpine, TX, contact the team at Carpenter Real Estate. We’ve sold over 1 million acres of Alpine-area real estate over the past 70 years. Family owned and operated, we specialize in both residential and commercial properties. Reach out to us for a free consultation on your next real estate sale.