Expert Advice Part 17: Negotiations

Negotiating the sale price of a home in Alpine, TX requires a certain finesse. By following the right steps, you can get the best price possible for the home. Of course, this requires the right knowledge and skills. Use the following agent tips to sharpen your negotiation skills for your next real estate transaction.

Do your research

To secure the best price for a property, you must be familiar with the current market. Research recent sales and current competition to learn about the going rates for homes in the area. This will allow you to develop a reasonable offer that does not offend the seller but still gives you a good deal on the home.

In addition to the prices of current and recent listings, consider the number of homes on the market. Current interest rates are also important. These factors help shape the nature of the real estate market, which affects how you should approach negotiating the sale price of a home in Alpine, TX.

Partner with a pro

It’s challenging for consumers to fully grasp everything that is involved with the real estate market when they are not immersed in it every day. This is where a real estate agent can help. The agent’s knowledge of the local market makes him or her an invaluable resource as you negotiate the sale price of a home. With experience in the market as well as the negotiation process, an agent is the perfect resource to tap in order to get the best price for a home.

Take a stand

Before you begin negotiations, decide what your walk-away price will be. This will be your absolute top dollar that you are willing to pay for the home. This should be based on the market research you have completed, input from your real estate agent and your own budget. If the seller will not move below this price, you must be willing to walk away.

Buying a home is an emotionally-charged process, so it’s important to make firm decisions ahead of time so you don’t get swept away. Keep in mind that many buyers make offers on more than one home before they ultimately purchase one that fits their search parameters.


Once you’ve agreed on a price and signed a contract, you will probably order a home inspection. (Be sure to include this contingency in your offer.) Once this inspection is complete, you now have the opportunity to negotiate further. If the inspector brings up any items of concern, you can ask the seller to make repairs, offer a credit to cover the needed repairs or adjust the sales price accordingly.

Get the best price

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