Expert Advice Part 16: Home Inspections

If you’re debating whether or not to complete a home inspection before buying in Alpine, TX, there’s no doubt what your decision should be. A home inspection is essential for any real estate purchase. Always order one. It’s well worth the investment.

Once you’ve made this decision, keep in mind the following four tips. This will make your home inspection and your entire real estate transaction go more smoothly.

Choose the right inspector

Many professional home inspectors are available to complete this service. It’s not always best to choose the cheapest option. Remember, you get what you pay for. Be sure to find someone who is licensed and offers experience in their field. Ask for recommendations from your real estate agent to find someone trustworthy.

If you’re handy, and are tempted to do the inspection yourself, consider allowing someone else to do it. A professional’s report will carry more weight if you need to refer to it later, and they are less likely than a DIY-er to miss important issues.

Attend your inspection

If you hire a professional to complete a home inspection before buying in Alpine, TX, you may be tempted to skip attending the inspection itself. This is a mistake. Attend the inspection and use this time to get to know your property. You’ll have the opportunity to ask the inspector questions, and he or she will be able to explain things to you in person. This includes any current issues, things to watch for and simple tips on how to operate certain systems in the home.

Make the inspection work for you

One of the main advantages of completing a home inspection is that it creates a negotiation tool. If the inspection reveals any issues with the home, you can present these to the seller and request repairs or compensation to cover the repairs. (Be sure to include a home inspection clause in your purchase contract in order to make this opportunity available.) If major issues are present that the seller is not willing to cover, you can then walk away from the deal.

Keep the inspection for future reference

The inspection report is helpful for more than the initial purchase. It may contain information that is helpful for you for the life of the home. Keep your inspection report on file to refer to in the future for HVAC operation, system repairs or other related concerns that are included in the documentation. You might be surprised how helpful this document proves to be if you have a question about your home in the future.

Find an inspector

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